Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Introduction…Naked

I would like to thank everyone that has subscribed so far to a blog that has yet to post anything. I have been writing for about five years. I started on Myspace to help launch an idea called SIN Magazine. From that idea, spawned a new idea called Dating Naked, DN for short. It’s the mind of a man who dares women to read it. Truth to be told, I dare any sex or race to read it. My goal is to help create a better dating and relationship experience for everyone. I plan on doing this, by exposing the ugly NAKED truths. By bringing to light, the inspiring stories we often never hear about. By laughing at the funny things we are sometimes too embarrassed to talk about…the realities, both mine, and yours.

I write from experience...I put it all out there. The good, the bad…and the ridiculously funny. It’s my journal into becoming a man. Into dating and sex. Into my first love, and the end of it. Into my flings with married and older women. To my longest relationship to date, down to the end of it... and all the stuff in the middle. It’s a journey into long distance flings, and love affairs. I will discuss all topics and give advice to those who are in need.

Every day will be something new.
Monday: Dating
Tuesday: Relationships - DN Naked Radio at night.
Wednesday: Advice
Thursday: My NAKED Reality
Friday: Sex topics

I don't claim to be Dr. Phil, nor do I have a degree. But I know my shit. I am the mind of a man. A single man, a man in a relationship. A man in an unhappy relationship. I am a student of people, human moves. I am all of you, only I have put my life out there- unwrapped and completely vulnerable. I have walked that line…crossed over it and come back. Been the bad boy you love to hate. And I have been the guy you love to love. Sometimes, I have been both. I have been your booty call you wanted more from. And in karma's little joke, I have been the guy who wanted more, but couldn't get it. I can relate…because again, I am all of you.

My first blog starting Monday will be, The END of the First Date... followed on Tuesday by the blog, Are WE Relationship Ready? I hope you enjoy…maybe tell a friend, spread the word.


xfatedl0vex on September 19, 2009 at 3:55 PM said...

Can't wait to read!!!!

Dating Naked on September 19, 2009 at 5:34 PM said...

Glad that you will be.. don't forget to subscribe.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I used to follow you as SIN MAGAZINE on Myspace! As much as I miss reading all of the writers on SIN I welcome all you have to bring to your new venture here on Dating Naked! Congratulations on your new adventure! Excited to be a subscriber and explore your world!

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