Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rings LOVE Me!!

By Basil LaTorre
Dating Naked -
Topic: Infidelity

Single or committed...I have had incredibly good luck with married women of all ages. I never put much thought into it, I just went with it. And why not? My sex life was always an education or even practice for the real thing one day. Now before you get all judgmental - I understand that we all live by a set of rules. But no, really, it's YOU who lives by a set of rules. The single, unattached male or female is in it for themselves. If I am not looking for anything serious, "What other options are there?"

I also can hear you saying, "Why don't they just put that same energy into single women?"

You want the truth..."Single people are more complicated."

I will explain: Single people are harder to approach, because they are so on guard of the potential player sneaking in the back door, that they forget to enjoy themselves. First dates are more like job interviews. Young, single people are still wet behind the ears, and are in search of nothing but the relationship. So much so that they can't see anything but. If you are not relationship ready for some people, they discard you as a player...and move on.

The married woman is not delusional any more, they've been through the wars. They know what's missing, and want what was given in the beginning. We all love the beginning. Let's just be honest. Next to your kids being born, it's the best part of the relationship. Imagine being locked away from the outside world, with little or no sex life for a few years. No conversation...and the only attention you get, is when they ask what's for dinner. Mind you, those few years seem even longer in your boredom, waiting for the man or woman you first met and fell in love with, to come walking in the door. People can be patient, but sooner or later they will snap and search for that rush which causes that blood flow that makes you feel ten years younger. It's easy for you to lable them as whores, or sluts...or bastards. But really, they are just human.

I always compare it to the house cat...looking out the window at a world they want to be part of.
Ever watch them?

They move and jump at what's going on...totally into anything from a bag caught in the wind, or a bird prancing around asking to be eaten - if it could only get past that glass. The glass is one big, huge cock-block from a world they can only watch. That's the bored house wife, or neglected husband or boyfriend. Or, someone who jumped, thinking that being in a relationship was what they were supposed to do.

Let's face it...we are controlled by a world that tells us this is what we are supposed to do. Only there is no crash-course test drive. Even though we read and watch how bad it can be...we always believe that we know just enough so that will be avoided.

Then, here comes a guy or girl who's completely into you. You don't even care why. You just feel wanted. Your better sense will flirt and play, but it won't jump. But we were given this thing called curiousity. For better or worse, we have it. And curiousity will get the better of our senses sooner or later. We all do what feels good. How many of you out there have that one secret that felt really good doing it, wrong or right? Some of you lock it away forever, and others use it as a guide to get out and get what it is that you deserve.

So, why do the rings LOVE me?

Because I pay attention...I put all of my energy into getting to know them. Something as simple as wanting to know things about them, can get you far. Because of how I approach. I make women feel wanted. Something lost in a sour relationship. Because of how I flirt, and make them laugh. How I can make them feel like the center of the universe. I am not rushing to get into her pants as much as I am building up to that moment. I create loads and loads of anticipation. Simply, I send her home thinking. Thinking of a better tomorrow, that she is worth it. No one should ever settle on less than what they are worth...and I make married women value their worth. Even if I don't sleep with them. I make them remember what is great about dating and relationships. Before it became constant tension when he walks in a room, you feel overwhelmed with all kind of emotions...but not in a good way.

As I have said before...I am not an advocate of bad relationships. If I could, I would destroy them all.

I don't claim right or wrong...but married or not, if you approach me like that in the moment, your ring means little or nothing to me. I might warn you once about what you are getting into. After that, you are adult enough to make your own choices, and be accountable for your own actions. I didn't say 'I do'...You did. It's your reputation-your family. A good and happy relationship, is one I could never touch. Guys like me only get to relationships that are already broken...I just happen to be a small crack in an already bad foundation.

If you are judgmental...and want to ask me, "What if my wife did that to me?"

Well you know what? I guess I dropped the ball, or picked the wrong woman. I will swallow my bitter little pill...and know that there is life after infidelity. In truth, she set me free for that relationship I deserve. And yes, there are men and women out there who aren't dropping the ball...who are giving that attention. Who are good parents and being cheated on for something as selfish as wanting to keep the marriage fresh. Double lives. I have had her too, even wrote an advice blog about it once. She is part of the contradiction that exists in our society today. I don't make excuses for her. Truth, I can't even understand her.

The one thing I do feel is...I give someone the confidence to get out of a shitty situation. Excuse me, but that's a public service. Married women didn't come to me because they are happy in their lives, are they?

In closing, you might feel I am just manipulating a bad situation for my own selfish wants and needs. And, in your mind, you are right. In my mind, I am the wrecking ball of single behavior. Life is too short for me to look past the potential in front of me. When I look back, I will have no regrets. My single life is mine, and will not be lost on rules and moral judgments. I respect and love those beautiful relationships, and hope to have one of my own one day.

Topic of discussion: Is it the responsibility of the single guy, or the married woman to honor the marriage...or maybe both?

Or, you can just leave a rant - however you feel inspired. This is not just a blog, this is reality happening as we speak. Somewhere, some place, someone is thinking it, about to do it, or doing it. Leave your NAKED comment.

Basil...Dating Naked



Jenapher said...

Well you already know how I feel about infidelity, or at least I would hope you do. I am totally against it and don't think that anyone should partake, but I see your point in it being your obligation as a single person to make yourself happy.

Dating Naked on October 6, 2009 at 2:36 PM said...

Hi...yeah, I don't agree with infidelity. But I can understand some of it, or how they happen. I just don't think cheating is cheating, or should people hate on the guy or girl who is single doing it.

For some single people, it the better option. As I said, if the relationship was strong, no single person could ever touch it.

I think all sour relationships should be destroyed, or fucked with enough, to get help and get it right. Unhappy people cheat.

csilver on October 6, 2009 at 7:53 PM said...

Basil...I am not into the infidelity aspect of the blog at all...just something I feel strongly about BUT in a single girl/single guy situation...your method mentioned below is a real turn on!!!

"I am not rushing to get into her pants as much as I am building up to that moment. I create loads and loads of anticipation. Simply, I send her home thinking"

((Hugs)) ...Carla

Goin to Cali!! on October 6, 2009 at 9:28 PM said...

The single person means nothing to the situation unless they are in a commitment with the married person. No one can take responsibility for another person's vows or commitments... It's the married person's responsibility. When I was just looking for sex, married men would hide it from me like i cared. That's on them, especially because I knew it's not going anywhere with them from my perspective. I think their biggest fear was that I would go tell on him. I had no interest in going out of my way to cause someone trouble, whom I didn't even care about romantically. I definitely thought it was sad, but they would have found sex with someone. I always think it's sad when people can't find satisfaction within their relationship and go outside, or think about it. Many people have no idea. Infidelity happens and happens on many different levels.

trixxie62 on October 6, 2009 at 10:12 PM said...

i totally agree if a relationship is strong no one could touch it. alot of people cheat because they have tried and failed so many times to fix the relationship they are in.
you can only try so much until you lose hope and find what you want somewhere else. i def do not think cheating is right but i totally understand why someone would do so.

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