Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dating Naked Launch!

Dating Naked, and DN Naked Radio will launch this September, 2009! This will be my latest venture into the blogging community. I will be giving blog-goers a one-two punch of blogging, and radio.. in the hopes I become a must read. I spent the better part of five years playing on myspace, researching human behaviors, and learning a little of my own. My time on that social networking site, was a smashing success.. where at the same time, also my biggest failure. My end on that site, is also a new beginning on this one. I will start posting stuff here real soon, maybe even next week.. starting Monday.

I will be posting my thoughts on the state of relationships, as well as the meaning behind the games that confuse many of you. I will also be posting a how to guide into dating, and dating successful. I will expose the pretenders, and allow you to read between the lines. I will be giving advice to those in need and, those who will not admit they are in need. I will cross that certain line. The taboo, and social prohibition relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden. Crossing the line into the taboo is usually considered objectionable or off limits by much of society. The goal, to create a following.. Stir the debate. To educate and open minds through my own realities. To get YOU reading NAKED!!.


Stephanie Faris on September 2, 2009 at 10:38 AM said...

I'm following now. Glad I found you!