Monday, January 10, 2011

Unhealthy Relationships.....Run For The Hills!
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Guest Columnist: Nicky
Topic: Toxic Relationships.

You are in a miserable are not happy and definitely not being treated the way you should be.


This seems like such a simple answer and solution, you get out as fast as you can and don't look back right? That would be the right thing to do for your own sanity but why do so many women stay in clearly unhealthy relationships? We have all been in one of these hazardous situations haven't we?

1) You caught your partner cheating and you took them back.
2) You cheated on them and never told them.
3) You were involved in an physically or emotionally abusive relationship and continued to take the abuse.
4)You walked on eggshells for the entire relationship, due to an over critical partner and were afraid to say something that would upset them.
5) You played tug of war with your ex getting back together and breaking up numerous times. They start seeing someone else in between and continue to toy with you by calling you and telling you they care about you.

These are examples of some totally hazardous relationships and yet we have all been there..why? I have been talking to men and women about this topic in preparation for this article and the answer seems to be the same.

Most people are stuck in a bad relationship not because they want to but because they are hanging onto what the relationship used to be. Many people don't wanna admit that they have failed or that they did something to cause this toxic partner to treat them this way. That somehow it was their fault and they deserved it!

You look at the person that is using you as a doormat and suddenly you only see them as what they were...and don't want to let go of that. The truth is that a toxic relationship is just that....harmful and damaging to ones self esteem!

You see yourself as someone who cannot do any better or that you cannot live without this person...even though they are clearly not doing a damn thing for you!
The truth is....None of these examples have a good outcome!

The tough part is to tell yourself that this is not healthy and you need to walk away.
Take it from someone who knows and has been there.....
When you meet the right person, you just know...
Every relationship has its ups and downs and requires effort, but a relationship that is constantly in turmoil and turned upside down is not one you need to be in.....

Head for the hills and don't look back.....

Nicky in The City


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to have some bad relationships so that you can learn and grow in order to be prepared for something great.