Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Get What You Paid For

"Write about guys cheating on their other half. Instead of just breaking it off, why do they stay & continue to cheat? I'm blessed with the gift of always finding out, but too many of my friends have been through it. So tell me, oh wise one! What's the deal?"
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Writer: Basil Latorre
Topic: Cheating
Let's not pretend, you didn't know that already.

Let's say we lived in a perfect world, and we don't. But let's say we did...there would be no cheating, no lying. No secrets and most of all, no mistakes. But we don't live in that world. Not only that, it's not men that cheat, genders don't cheat, people cheat and for different reasons. I am all for the school of...break up before you cheat. It's one of my rules. But let's stay on that male-hating, male-blaming thing we have going here in this question.

For every guy who is cheating on his other half, there is a female helping with that problem.

Some girl, who wants what you have, doesn't even care that he can do it to her later. She just wants what she wants, and what you have. Women are part of the problem. And don't give me the, "Well, what if the girl didn't know?" They know.

But to answer the question of why, there are a bunch of answers. One answer is of the guy who wants to be selfish, and explore what is happening, but he doesn't want to destroy or hurt you. Another answer is...You have a man, who again, wants to explore his selfish side, but doesn't want to rock the boat and create a fire storm. An angry wife or girlfriend, can create havoc...because we have all heard the saying, a woman scorned; hide the money and knives...lol.

And then there is the most hated. the really selfish guy. The one who before he leaves you, and tells you the truth, he needs to make sure that the girl he is cheating on you with, is going to be there after you. All men have heard the stories of that girl we left our wives for, who didn't want him as much as she did while he was taken. That guy who is like, "But I left my wife and family for you...what do you mean it's over?" The guy who proves my theory, that you are only as good as his options.

Then we move to the part of this blog where I make sense of the title. "You Get What You Paid For"

The part that says, you know what...you knew what you were getting, when you got it. Half of all the girls who get cheated on, knew their man was capable of it. Those girls who love a guy everyone else wanted and still wants, but you love that he chose you. The ego boyfriend.

You other girls also know you have a guy, who has no self-esteem. No real confidence to turn down a hot girl who wants to blow him in the bathroom of the bar he goes to. At some point, when you do you ladies own up to your choices?

Let me be real, I have dated some shady ladies, who I knew were all relationship jumpers. The kind of girls who jump from one relationship, back to an old one... back to you, and forward to the next guy who she deems as her next on her wish list of forever happiness. I have dated the girl who dated up, over me for a guy who made more money. Or the girl who doesn't know what she wants. The thing is, I didn't act all shocked..."Oh my god, how did this happen to me? I never saw this coming, fucking bitch!!!"

I knew, and like most of you...had hoped that I could somehow change their nature. You never do, and you take them as the risks that they are, or not at all. Look, we get no guarantee...or do they have one from you? I know you think you gave one...Why, just because you said so....Really? I remember talking to one of my friends, and asked...why did you do it...Why did you cheat on her? He had no idea, and said, I never thought I would and told her that much...I mean, I meant it when I said it.

People change when we meet people who change us. I know that's just not enough for the walking wouned out there. It just has to be that all men suck, they suck at life, they suck at being commited. They suck at sucking. I mean, that's what you all want to hear, right?

Truth is, You are just angry, that you weren't enough for your man to say no. And it hurts, it hurts that he needed something else, in someone else and you want to rip his face off, shit on it..flush it down the toilet, film it..and post it on Youtube, for other angry cheated on women to watch and hoot and holla at. You all need to create a group...Just call it "pissed off."

And for the very few, who really thought they picked an exceptional man, and he wronged you...I am truly sorry. You probably deserved better. But there are other women out there, whose husband cheated, and he lied, and he didn't tell you once it started...or before. But you know what, you deserved it. There are women out there, who treat their men like they are stupid, and like they garbage. Women who nag, and complain, and it didn't matter that they work hard, you are just miserable people. Don't think as a gender, think about it.

You mean to tell me, you don't have a male friend, who you kind of understood why he did what he did, and you support him, because you know her?

People cheat, not men...and not just women. And no one is honest about it. Or is it some conspiracy planned out long ago, and tag, you're it? I mean, it's nothing to be proud of. It happens, but you move on the best you can...one foot in front of the other, and you leave it behind you...and not on to the next guy who just might be genuine when he says, "I don't want to look past you."
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soozie said...

kk...heres my take...non gender wise. sometimes life just happens. you dont mean for it to happen, it just does.
maybe not all cheaters are born a-holes. they just settle, get restless, unhappy...and along comes, whoever, that all of a sudden , makes the risk worth it. and the staying with the original partner part? its all about not wanting to lose whats safe, whats been there, and whats most likely to still be there.
in no way is it right or fair, but its a reason. and at that moment in time, its enough of a reason for one to cheat.
most people are not strong enough, big enough, to risk losing all they know and have, for that slight shimmer of hope, that maybe, the next thing is better. therefore...they try before they buy.
and sometimes, they never want to actually buy, they are just dirty , and want to try as many as possible.
so, in reality...there is no cut and dry answer to, why do men cheat??
the only thing in that statement that rings true to me, is it came from one scorned chick, who needs to let it go...realize she's way better off, dont take out that resentment on every new guy....and just move on.
really...lifes too short to wonder why he did it....
take it as a blessing....why would you wanna be with someone like that anyways??

Anonymous said...

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